quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


Do you tend to think of midnight as the first, or last minute of the day? This is something that's bothered me for easily a dozen years and I finally realized it was an issue I was having... yesterday, I think. And researched a little and decided the mathematically religious answer made me happy, even if it was counterintuitive to how I've generally thought about it. It seems other people don't seem to have had my problem. But then I have odd problems sometimes, like not being able to keep track of how many letters there are in the alphabet (it's not 27, as much as I'd like it to be). 00:00 is midnight. 24:00 does not exist. 00:00 is thus the first minute of a given day. Which is midnight. TaDa! I just always thought of it as twelve and never got anywhere.

Life other than that has been hell.

Honestly nothing _important_. Just hell. Just time--a lot of time--wasted. On the order of days. The rare days when I had time free and was raring to work on projects. Poof. La.

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