quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

not much.

low-level tired and stressed; don't want to go to work.

last night was really, really annoying.

was exceedingly drained and starving and got home and had to poison my house to stop the thick line of ants traipsing across the livingroom and swarming my cats' food (which was the last of the catfood I had). Then I walked to the store and carried medium bags of catfood home (in case the ants swarmed again, they'd probably only take out the open containers... maybe...).

nothing I wanted to get done done.

and having friends over for working and then movies later tonight. but unhappy with how much of a mess the house is (and the lines of dead ants... ugh)

plus I might be tearing down and rebuilding tentacle(.net) this weekend, which means carrying home an annoyingly heavy UPS.


even if my bike _is_ finally fixed today, I don't think I could carry it. Though I may well fucking try. But I'm trying not to hold out hope that my bike will be ready, given it was originally supposed to be a week and a half ago; but that didn't take into account _waiting for parts_.


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