quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

the weekend blurs

Michael came over friday evening and we stayed up late making very little progress on our novel(s), and yet making exceedingly more progress than prior, so it's good. And it seems our writing styles are uncannily complementary--he can take my crap and make it better, and vice versa. At least, so far. Here's to hoping that keeps up. I went to bed around 3 in the morning with a raging headache and he camped out a bit after that; both got up at 11 (with the assistance of my alarm, though I'd sort of woken up several times before--still had the raging headache, didn't want to really move). We hung out for a few more hours and he went off to prior plans, and I went back to bed to get away from the raging headache. Amy got home at 9:30p after being gone for nearly a week, I woke up, popped some advil upon her advice, and we went out for yummy sushi. Home, I seem to have upset her; she was thinking she looked better when she was dying her hair and I said I thought she was beautiful but admitted I liked the blond streaks better, and, well, whatcha gonna do, eh? She told me that was a very poopie thing to say.

That's my Amy.

Meanwhile, still have a raging headache. It feels like tomorrow should be Monday. I'm glad it's not, mostly. But it's a very strange feeling, where I've slept all day. I suppose my Friday felt like a Saturday, so I must have slept through Sunday. That's not such a bad thing. I'm stressed as fuck about everything I didn't get done, but feeling somewhat calmer about it all from the sleep. More sleep tonight should be nice. Or so I hope. Things could be awkward, but I'm fairly used to that.


Amy's slept for crap for a nearly indefinite period of time, now; and she of late seems to sleep even worse when she's down with her folks. She's also on pins and needles (her words) from her job interview on Thursday. ((second round, she'll find out "in a few days" if she got it. She really wants it--she loves that school, or so she says. la.)) La.

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