quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

spider man.

from my dad:

    "Yesterday, while we were away for a few minutes, a Terminex fellow sprayed the front of our house with something called Demon. He had made a mistake and was very embarrassed, so I did not castigate him even thought I was slightly upset at him poisoning my environment. Today, as I was moving a pallet to place the concrete bags upon, I noticed a sticky batch of spider web stuck to my wrist. I picked it off and noticed that inside was the largest black spider I have ever seen. It was twitching. I held it by one leg and checked out the belly. A beautiful red hour-glass decorated the black globe. Checking out the rest of the pallet, I found another extremely large black widow. It too was twitching. If not for the termite guy making a mistake, I would have been bitten on my wrist, right on my pulse. Strange fortune. I have the two spiders in a plastic jar."


And he got et by one of them around this time last year.

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