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and now for something completely normal

oy oy oy!

I currently have three thousand, six-hundred and nine emails in my inbox that I have weeded to the point of "need to file away or reply to or in some other manner deal with". This is not a new thing. It's been growing steadily.

oy. :/

my "immediate" projects list:

  • print out court papers for name change (I keep not doing this at work, and Amy's laptop is the only thing hooked up to a printer at home). And her laptop doesn't tend to be here unless she is, and then she's on it or otherise asking for my time.

  • deal with some insurance papers I just got from the _other guy's_ insurance company for the accident I was in many months ago (where he swerved into me).

  • call the 94th aerosquadron (where the wedding festivities are happening) to ascertain certain information.

  • email the priest to ascertain certain information, ideally hanging out with him and having a good time.

  • get new blades for the blender

  • decompile and recompile a fallout2 script so I can say I know how to do it and be prepared for actually doing it with a project in the works

  • apply to blizzard for a job that was posted two weeks ago

  • work on my two novels and three short stories

  • work on the two php miniprojects I'm currently obligated to for the speculative literature foundation.

  • dev.imaginaries.org!!!

and _from there_ it devolves into things I'm less immediately and _externally_ obligated to do. Which in many cases I would of course _rather_ be doing. Largely because they're not externally obligated/what I "should" be doing. :/ And I'm probably missing things, too. skwerms is for all of this, but I'm so beyond overloaded that I'm afraid to look there, though I mostly keep it updated when new things come in at least.

There isn't enough time in a month, even when amy's not around! A month? There's probably enough time in a year, but damn it would be a lonely year.

And it's always the day-to-day _important_ stuff that kills me (calling people, dealing with claims, hellish interactions, ...).

In the "where my time went tonight" department, I mostly focused on my FO2 obligations... downloaded a map editor to poke around (I'm not going to be doing maps, and DAMN I'm glad--has me worried for scripting, but...). And played with a 'talking heads' creator that is _very cool_. I animated my alien mask (500k). :) Though the software's not as good for partially-side-views, and I only spent... an hour or so playing with morph points.

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