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poetry games

playing with niyama and irishkitty (friend protected entry)

Round One (where I joined after the fact)
S: birth, breath, coil, wander, wicked
K: Seclude, ferment, clear, chains, perpetuate

birth perpetuates the coil's chains;
life breathes clear knowledge held,
secluding 'now' from 'then'.
another go for the wicked left
to wander and

Round Two (irishkitty sits out)
S: scalded, french, slammed
N: native, flicker, design

lustful hunger slams and scalds
with just a flicker of
your french-designed maid outfit
cut and assembled in a sweatshop
in some unpronounceable
country in africa
by underpaid natives

Round Three (we meet in chat)
S: twisting, curving, sliding
K: jeweled, bloom, crush
N: cash, policy, river

The policy related to his death
set me with a twisting, curving, sliding
river, cash that bloomed
then boomed, and left me crushed;
not a single jewel passed
my womb.

Round Four (can anything else really be said?)
N: painted, abstract, motif, mud, cloth
K: justice, hell, scarlet, tender, hope
S: greed, chew, spiral, cork, blue

your abstract ideal of justice
is greedy; it cares not for
the mud and cloth of reality but
chews and spits and rends a scarlet hell--
a barbed spiral ripping through the tender flesh
of hope and kindness.

your abstract ideal of justice
pops its cork at every right no matter
the wrong; the blue satin draped
across its eyes with dove motif
is steadfast irony.

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