quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

typing typing typing

I'm going mildly hardcore with dev.imaginaries.org :) kinda cool so far. though my left wrist is starting to kill me. :/ and I'm a long ways from 'useful'. today I've made it so... you can add and edit emails and change primary emails, and display user information (but not edit it yet). soon to edit users, then join.

THEN I get to work on submissions, and... maybe that will be enough to do the switch. hmm, no -- making the mailing list work with the new email/user setup, then enough. :)

to come, later: challenges, 'rising star awards' (yearly contest which takes nominations year-round), generic polls, ... comment board? and lots of nifty tracking information... yeah...

Not sure how late I'm going to be up, today; Amy's in L.A. so I can do what I like with my schedule. I was up at 5:30am on Friday, then asleep at 3:00am. up at 2:00pm...

[[update: 3:25am; I've finished user edit, user join, user 'vacation'; integrating the new mailing list without borking the old looks like it will be a pain; also, I have to move over a lot of 'fluff' from the old site, too. and this is all entirely ignoring moving the old data that isn't fluff to the new site. and skirts over the hell that the submission process may be, with html/doc/yadda conversion possibilities. Oh yeah. And I'm tired already. Going to walk to the store and get some milk and cat treats. Then do dishes. And hope my wrist starts feeling better. I've pretty much hardcored the keyboard today for 13 hours straight. Maybe I can hold my hand in a better position for typing in the future?]]

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