quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

this dream summary rocks my world

driving to L.A. we arrive at some weird place. I wander around a bit, and find Brandon. Then we all go to bed. A bright morning follows, with more people arrived. People overwhelm me with their presence, and I go for a walk. Nature overwhelms me, but I succumb to it. Some strange contraption flies by. I decide to explore nature, and scare myself. I don't want to die alone. Beautiful insect life. I head back to the party, finally. But it's not there. I try to maneuver through traffic.

[[this is summarized roughly paragraph by paragraph from a dream after I typed out the dream.]]

I love the zen-ness and amazing connectedness of the summary.

I had a dream the night before last, too: rickety elevators, giant worms, helicopters, random spy things, and pools made in lined culverts...

And, er--Amy and I are doing better again, but we really need to have a sit-down drag-out think about our finances, once we're less shaky. The short of it being--she wants to save for things, a house, yadda, and I want to save for things _and_ buy things. And the loss of the stuff is like me impulsively going out and buying a lot of crap, in her mind. And she resents that she essentially puts more of our money away into savings than I do--she's missing out and essentially then providing me with more. It's ... complex.

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