quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

t . i . r . e . d

tired, kind of like the way I'm decorating my subject. ;) Went and tried on the tux I picked out last night and ... it really didn't look good at all on me. Sucked a bit, but I then tried just about everything else in the store on and Amy and I both noticed the strange phenomenon that all of the suits which previously had looked effectively identical... now were quite easy to discern from each other, and... yeah. There was a marked difference. I picked out something else that we both agreed was pretty spiff and my best option there. Then there was a ... misunderstanding, shall we say, about the price, and Amy couldn't deal (stress + lack of sleep for a few years now... slowly becoming chronic near-insomnia), and I simply don't tend to deal with things, so... we walked off and tried to get food, but Amy wasn't interested in any sort of food, so we went back and I got an explanation of the costs that satisfied Amy; and _then_ we got food, and then we spent the rest of the evening at hallmark looking at books upon books upon ye gods those are large ass books of wedding invitation samples.

Home, sleep, .... woke up a couple times with story ideas and snippets of ideas of things to discuss and define (like a 'chaos rut'), and... was up a few more hours that way, then ... up ... la. so tired. wrote out a very long dream in ifitweremydream. Now that's really an exemplar of my sort of dreams/dreaming style. Curious to see if anyone can make anything out of it. I wanted a dream and I got one. Whee! Only took thirty minutes to type out. :/

Got in (what I consider) late to work, but was the first person in my office, still. A nice reprieve, perhaps. Or something. So tired. Wound up taking my motorcycle to work even though I want to minimize my riding until it gets serviced, just because I really was _that fragging late_, and 20 minutes versus an hour is one hell of a difference. ((hour being walk to public transit, then ride public transit, then short walk to work)).

Right. Dragging. Tired. La.

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