quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


Just went on an interest-spreading spree with zzinnia after the find of this meme.

One of the interests I added was kaolin, which comes back with 8 matches: infiltratorwire, jedicathy, magret55, manne, kaolinfire, poklos, sickinteriority, superhero1

one of which is me... but the other 7 are oddities to me. I see no mention of pottery or clay or really anything of the sort which I think would normally lead someone to put 'kaolin' as an interest.


I'm up to 141 interests, and went from having bill_z_bub as my best friend with ... 7 matches? to ... hmm. I keep updating... now zzinnia and I share 31 matches, though I picked from all over the place. bill_z_bub now comes in second with 18 matches. Oy!

OOOOoooooohhhhhhhhh :)

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