quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

on the road, sort of

the weekend was ... not quite lazing about, but not really getting ready; nothing productive that I remember. Or particularly unproductive. Hmm. No, not entirely. Friday was my last day at work for two weeks, and I skipped out early to meet up with amy, dennis, barbara, and julie for amy's graduation ceremony ((she got her masters in math last semester, but the ceremony's a yearly thing)). we ate there, went to olive garden, ate some more, ((I'll put up pictures eventually)), lazed around, had lunch the next day, they left, lazed around some more... oh, and the troubles with tentacle and whatnot that I wrote about earlier. Right. :)

Monday was a three-ish hour drive down to a hotel where amy and I soaked in a jacuzzi-thing in our hotel room, had a really expensive dinner, went to bed, ...

Tuesday we woke up, soaked in the jacuzzi-thing some more, spent a frantic ten minutes looking for my glasses, and ... hrm. Drove three-ish hours to Acton, where I lazed about, went to Fry's in ... burbank? ((really nifty decoration--space aliens and whatnot all over the place, rather well done. a UFO crashed into the building, giant kraken from underground, a huge radiactive ant... I'm sure I didn't see everything)). Got supplies to set up a wireless network, which I then proceeded to do when we got back. Wireless is teh 5h1t. Ish. At least it was easy to set up, and it's easy to use. Amazing the number of laptops with wireless in this household. Maybe I do need to get one. Who needs a wedding anyway, right? ;) Uh... hi, Amy. :)

Wednesday. I can't believe it's wednesday. Wednesday. I've been cleaning my email when I can. thousand emails here, thousand emails there... upgraded drivers on the wireless on this desktop (running millenium edition... :puke:) as well as the drivers for the kodak camera on it, because both were crashing an inordinate amount. Got in the NFG chatroom and was surprised to see people there on a weekend. Right. Wednesday. Right. We'll be leaving for the train in a couple, or several, or some other vague number of hours. Then it's three days without net access. :twitch:

Sent ebay invoices to the three people who 'bought' my paintings on ebay. 've heard nothing from them yet. Perhaps I didn't sell my paintings after all. Was hoping to mail them out from Acton because... well, because it was possible and somewhat timely. Now not for a week and a bit. La. Another thing to remember not to worry about.

Still working out the two ideas I brainstormed with Debbie a few days ago. ((stories)). I'm... so close... so close to breaking the block... really....

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