quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

tentacle fall down go boom, and it gets up again.

tentacle fall down go boom, and it gets up again.

[[amy backup into, and there was a gap where alethe's been pulled out onto the floor, so it fell about 7 inches diagonally]]. It seems overall fine except for the mobo _fan_. The mobo fan is hiccoughing so I offed to compusa to see if I could find a replacement quicklike.

I could. $12 for a 'kit', the only thing that contained a fan the proper size. and lame conducting gel, and random chip heatsinks, and a sticker of some sort, I think.

Then, home, trying to do as little damage as possible, but the #(*$#( mobo fan was connected by tight-*&#$ clips. Slipped a bit popping the second clip out and knocked the cpu heatsink/fan, breaking two fan blades. Spent another ten or so minutes swapping out heatsinks and fans trying to get something that wasn't too loud.

Another trip to compusa, this time $20.

And now tentacle is going to live out its life in the orientation it was originally designed for (it's in a 4u, so horizontal is good). Alethe is now sitting on top, and while it doesn't like horizontal so much, it'll deal. I also took alethe down a few moments to disconnect and reconnect the power supply--the power supply is now _outside_ of the box for increased airflow. And I tucked all the extraneous lengths of IDE cabling into some spare drive bays, so they're out of the way as well. Also dry-mopped _gobs_ of dust. I don't think tentacle had been opened/cleaned in ... forever. At the very least not since it's been here, and that's... a yearish. Seems like longer. :shrugs: messy, messy, messy.

And that's been my day. Emotionaly drained, now.

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