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stressing out

burning man... work... vehicles...

My burning man transportation is at the shop and has been for a while. It's "just about done". But I'm leaving tuesday for LA to hang out with Amy's folks and see a Dylan concert, then getting back Sunday. That same Sunday, I'm taking my (hopefully fixed) '74 vw bug out to the nevada desert. The shop is closed on saturday/sunday. They're going to bill me and leave the car outside where I can get to it... and they'll call me if there are any problems.

Ideally, I"d also get the car smogged because it needs that so I can register it... haven't been able to do that because it died right after I bought it. :argh: It is SUCH a kludge! I got lucky with the mechanic ... he almost called to say he wouldn't work on it because the exhaust is welded on -- making for lots of cussing, as he put it. The exhaust takes up a lot of room that he'd rather place his body in while dealing with the clutch/transmission.


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