quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

dear diary...

I guess I haven't made many of these recently. I'd intended not to -- or rather, to post more interesting thoughts than my daily activities. But some of you are folks I know and want to know these sorts of things. And who knows, maybe the rest of you have some vague interest in them, also.


My first time using the cut feature. Nifty, no? I like it. I'd been meaning to look up how to do it for a while. Go lj! :)

Umm. So I hung out with brandon last night. He came over and we played chess -- a rather difficult game where he had the upper hand all the way through to the end, though neither of us made any truly heinous mistakes. I did manage to get him in the endgame, though. My heart was pounding -- I was down a bishop and two pawns. I had four pawns and a rook. Managed to trap his king on his home row.

Then we went out and played pool and I did my best to get hammered while not spending TOO much. Started with a mind eraser, followed with a vodka sour, and drove it home with an extra-heavy long island iced tea. We played some pretty horrible pool, but it was a lot of fun.

I talked to noah (icq) yesterday, and that was good. Sounds like things are going better for him. I keep meaning to hang out with him. I have too many disparate friends. Maybe I should make a list of people I hang out with/like to hang out with, and then see if I can't make some sort of sense out of all that.

Brandon, James, Michael, Noah, Nova (there's a critter I haven't seen in ages!), Shweta [maybe I shouldn't be making this list -- if I leave someone off, I'm going to be cremated] ... Richard ...

I'm going to go try and clean up my inbox. I'm at 300 messages or so, some that have been waiting for a reply since April. :oops:

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