quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
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brain fry

Friday I don't remember. Thursday I don't remember. Wednesday I remember--there was a show, and I handed out a business card, listened to music, ... It was good. Walked ten blocks out of my way on my walk there, after giving up on trying to build a wagon (or some other contrivance) for way too many paintings with some poles, a skateboard, a few planks of wood, and some cloth. Maybe next time. This time I carried (9?) paintings a good mile or three, and was very happy to arrive, hang, and sit. I sat for close to four hours, then packed up and walked home. A good enough show. I took pictures, will have to look at them to see what to post if any.

Saturday I cleaned house a little, did some laundry and dishes, tried to revivify some plants, ... and worked on comps for someone in the hope of getting some money for them. currently: http://alethe.net/~k/surrealmag/ and http://alethe.net/~k/cavernpress/ -- essentially no direction whatsoever, so I'm rather proud of what I came up with, and especially proud of the html for cavernpress ((so clean! look at that menu!)). Those aren't permalinks. I could point you to the jpegs I made that those are based off of, but those aren't permalinks either. but what the hell. http://erif.org/temp/surrealmag/sitecomp1.jpg, then http://erif.org/temp/surrealmag/sitecomp2.jpg and http://erif.org/temp/cavernpress/sitecomp1.jpg

Sunday I spent working on upgrading alethe, bits and pieces--a full portupgrade, and it's been a year or more, ish. which worked in places, didn't work in places, and is still being worked on in places. mostly still being worked on. I managed to break a lot of things, including imap, dhcp, and amusingly enough (really, NOT) portupgrade itself. Fixed, moving on. Beyond that, last week shamster pointed me towards http://colinux.org, which kicks much ass. I've installed debian and am learning the joys and anti-joys of apt-get. ((debian moves more slowly than freebsd with its packages, ish, which I hadn't imagined in the slightest. different model of things. interesting, though. slightly less centralized, but still... clean.)) and apt-get supports more quirkiness than the ports collection does, I think.

Also went through my skwerms list (printed all six pages of it out, tree format), and annotated it such that I picked out my next tasks, and things to cross off, and such. Hopefully I can actually work towards that shortly. :)

Then, at work, I'm remembering how to use emerge on gentoo. My brain is all sorts of fried.

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