quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

My life at timbuk2

I am the expert at pissing people off.

brianj (4:54:39 PM): ping.
kaolin (4:54:44 PM): pong.
brianj (4:54:54 PM): can we speak?
kaolin (4:55:00 PM): certainly. here or voice?
brianj (4:55:03 PM): voice

This is my boss, BTW.

Question via email:

How much does cybersource charge us for a bad zipcode lookup, and how would that compare with a $20/mo subscription to some service just for zipcode lookups?

I'm not finding much of anything for free.

Answer via email:

what's the url to the zip code service? I'll sign us up.

My response via email:

If it's the same money either way, then it's even easier if we just let cybersource handle it. We _can_ just let cybersource handle it. If money is no option, let's just let cybersource handle it.

Hence my question. I think it was a valid one.

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