quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a device I want

They may well exist, at least in form, or at least soon, or something.

Something that stores moderately high-res streaming video, preferably stereoscopic (fitted for glasses would be cool). hell, I'd be very happy for high-res to be 2048x1600, or ... even 1600x1280. but that shouldn't be too much of a difference if you can get one. This video would stream to a local device, preferably via bluetooth, but by cable would be alright. That device would make keyframes every 10 seconds or so, and every 30 minutes would drop res of previous ... day's, say, to 320x240, just to be browseable. [[or cleaner, possibly, creating both size images as it goes, and then just deleting older unpicked images]]

There are so many things I just _glimpse_ and can never see again.

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