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Hello World

It's been a long time. I've been busy and blah and busy and blah. Overall, I'd say my life is wonderful. There are up points and down points, more down points than up, and sometimes the littlest things can overwhelm me, but lately I've been able to see through the depressions to a bright and glorious future. Or at least to the next upswell, which may or may not be chemical, situational, or hypothetical.

Amy's been insanely busy, so there's not much to say on that front. We're still going ahead with things, and there have been fewer conflicts (though how much of that is because we see so much less of each other, and how much of that is apathy/despair on my part, and how much is just good relationship stuff, I couldn't say). If you've been playing along at home, nothing's been resolved, but. Whatever? :)

A while ago I promised myself this would be the year of computer games. Development, and the like. I'm four months in, and the only thing I've got to show for it is _falling up_, which I did the brunt of before the year started. I've learned a lot from it, but "product" matters, and I don't have anything else to show. Especially depressing is that it took tucows two and a bit months to finally review it, and the review was: "couldn't run. crashed on our system, tried three times. feel free to resubmit pending fixes." Life has been ... busy. I haven't been writing, really, or poeming. I've done the odd sketch, and finally managed to get some paintings out.

Beyond that, web development seems to be taking its toll. NFG, mypics, skwerms, inthegenes.com, speculativeliterature.org, ... It doesn't seem like that much. It really is, at least in terms of sucking time. And I have been spending a fair amount of time on NFG reading and voting and whatnot. That's an ongoing timesink that I prefer to think of as a labor of love. Issue 4 rocked my socks, overall. There are some, imo, absurdly juvenile design decisions the top brass went with, and I'm not happy about that, but all in all it's still a beautiful magazine, with content you by and large couldn't find anywhere else.

I suppose that's my life in a nutshell right now. Amy's sick, and due home in an hour; I'm making a huge pot of chicken-noodle soup. It smells good. =)

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