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What am I doing?

Lazing about all day, I guess. Not what I meant to be doing. I jumped on a trampoline for a while and discussed heart rates. Copied two of the poems I did in the 100poems journal to poemranker -- they might be decent. Worked on one of my novels. Right. Rewrote the beginning outline, which means I have to rewrite the rest of the outline now because nothing else fits together. But at least the beginning makes more sense now. I may have a coherent story to write soon. And I think I solved a major hangup I was having with another novel I'm working on. (note: I've never finished a novel, just for some perspective). So soon I'll be able to go back to it and rewrite the outline for it. I don't think the scenes in it that I've written so far will need to be redone, which is good, because they're in very difficult voices. La la la.

Ooh. I did three paintings yesterday. That's good, at least. :)

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