quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Falling Up (continued, continued, continued)

So I'm sure nobody's been watching me add to my thread a few entries back about posting Falling Up to Tucows. Two solid months of "13 days", and it was reviewed today!

With the result that, erm, it crashed the reviewer's machine.

BTW, I made a new version a monthish ago. It has a pretty background and fixed a bug in the scorefile. Though not retroactively.


as ever.

The letter:

color added for emphasis of my mood:

Dear Software Author:

Thank you for submitting your software for evaluation. We appreciate the time you have taken to let us know about your software. Unfortunately, after several attempts to run the program, the Tucows Review Staff encountered the
following error:

The computer would freeze up every time the reviewer launched the game. The first screen with the control would launch, but after that the review had to manually restart the computer. This happened on twice.

The specs for the computer it was run are as follows:
1.6GHz P4
512MB Ram
Windows 98SE

Unfortunately, this is all of the assistance on this problem that we can offer.

We are very interested in evaluating your software and considering it for publication on our web site. Please resubmit your software after it has been fixed if you would like for us to review your software at a later time.

For further information on our software criteria please see the Ratings Guide available in the ARC.

Thanks for your interest in Tucows,

The Tucows Review Staff

Anyone able to test it on 98SE for me???

I've gotten one other report of a crash,, this on a G5 running Panther. And I've tested it on one Panther G5 to no avail. (worksforme). Wah?

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