quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

A new brain

I swapped out hard drives on alethe.net last night. I'd forgotten how badly I'd needed to do that. Oy oy oy! I'd been unable to do backups of NFG for a long time, now. Last successful one was back in October. I'd thought it was an overheating issue, but cpu never went high; still, I got a new power supply with more fans, and a spiffer cpu fan. That... didn't really help. My hard drive was making strange sounds. Then, postgresql started failing and restarting. Tracked that down to a single database, but couldn't really do anything about it. Or not much. I was worried about fixing it and having it just break again. Then I started getting read errors on /var/log. Oy oy oy! So I finally did the plunge, last night. Two and a bit hours, new (slightly larger) hard drive, and fixed the pg errors (had to roll a single table of the database back a month and a bit, but that's probably not losing anything as that table couldn't be accessed... so nothing could be added. hmm.)

anyway. yeah. server should be more stable now.

nfg backup is 760+ megs! oy fucking vey! [[that's compressed, folks. hell, I tried to run bzip2 around it and ADDED a meg]]

Working on adding a multipart/alternative filter to addtask@skwerms.org, so it doesn't just bounce those.

la la la.

and starting to get my hopes back up with globealive.com. silly? probably.


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