quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

fixes to mypics.alethe.net

I did a couple small things just before going to bed that apparently broke other things. So I fixed those. And... fixed some functionality in the navbar when viewing a picture. and added a 'gallery' mode for viewing pictures. gallery mode needs a 'next' and 'prev', kinda. but it'll get there. That might take an hourish to really nail out cleanly.

more personally:
cleaned up some long-standing lobsters at nfg, many of which were rejected in a time before there was a general understanding that lobsters existed. ((hell, that was before _lambs_ were known to exist)).

tuesday seems to be happening at strada this week. that would rock.

I have to do laundry if I get home at a reasonable time.

having trouble concentrating at work.


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