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life happens

my motorcycle runs! It needs a fair number of parts still, but I can ride it (almost legally) back and forth to work. This makes life much easier, though it does cut down on a couple hours of reading that I could be doing each day on public transportation. La la la.

Car is in the shop, looks like $600 in clutch work. And I spent two weeks under it just replacing the clutch cable, hoping beyond hope (and reality, I suppose) that that would be the problem [solved]. It just has to make it to burning man and back, and then I can sell it. Hopefully get some of my outlay back. $700 for the car, $600 in clutch work, $100 in miscellany with the clutch cable and such, $600 for six months' insurance. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. Hopefully I can get reimbursed on the insurance I don't use when I cancel after two months.

Today is Margarita Night: the three month "anni"versary. =)

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