quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

[dream] am I betraying myself? interpret this. :)

[[I should have written this down, but didn't want to when I woke up. I never want to spend the time writing dreams down when I wake up. But I do when I'm not just waking up. I need to just get better at this. Maybe keep a dream journal by my bed or something. Ideal would be a terminal wherever I happen to be. but. right, onto the dream, or what I can remember of it some 6 hours later... yeargh, I can't figure out how to start!]]

I'm in a house, a flat, with a couple other people, including, among other people, a mother and her daughter. The daughter is somewhere around ... 6 years old. Not me, certainly. Almost certainly? Almost reminds me of a young version of someone else I once knew, though certainly not someone I think about much. 'Emily Yoakum'. Okay, moving on. She goes into another room, ostensibly to sleep.

A tape starts playing on the television. It is the young girl, recorded, talking shit about her mom. What she has to say is really overall rather sweet, amazingly thought-out for her age (dealing with her parents being separated, ...). And she's pouring her heart out. Very blatanly honest and not mean-spirited in any way. But very, very... personal, private, confidential, the sort of thing that the little girl would never ever ever ever want anyone to know, especially her mother. (I am somehow responsible--either I started the video playing, or I recorded the video; not sure which) The mother is feeling awkward about it but really gets into the tape, and you can see the love, see that there isn't any hurt.

The girl wakes up (or hadn't gotten to sleep, or ...); the girl comes out of the room she went into and realizes what's playing, and gets this shocked/horrified/betrayed look all over her face, like she can barely comprehend what just happened...

Then I wake up. [[alarm]]

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