quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

Today, I am teh s1ck

Damn flesh organic organism. Grr. (or something like that)

called in sick to work. first time I've ever done that (here), though not the first day I've missed (called in 'shredded and on the bay bridge' once, and didn't come in the next day)

Almost done with my glass of milk and honey. Not sure if I can go back to sleep, though. I went to bed around 7pm, knowing I was needing it. Up at 4am, felt good but not. Up at 8am, now 9am...

My bike is in pieces right now, as I spent most of Sunday working on it (or trying to). Lots of that time was spent walking around looking for a copy place that was open, and looking for distilled water to fill the battery with. Lots of other time was simply spent wasted doing something else, but I'm not sure what. Got the battery out (finally--the nut was supposed to be welded to the frame, so that the bolt holding the sidecover on would simply turn; took a long time and a lot of uncomfortable maneuvering to figure that out and then to get something to hold it tight). Meanwhile, I fixed the mirrors and noticed that my registration was expired. So... That was why I was hunting down a copy shop (everything was closed) -- so I could photocopy something that's almost proof of liability insurance to send with my registration. Soon, hopefully. Meant to do it Monday. Now Tuesday. Oy. Yeah. So I'm probably going to be barting into work until I get my tags, because I just don't want to deal with getting pulled over.

Except now I'm sick. haha!

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