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I was almost, kinda, sorta getting started. I was doing minor tweaks here and there, putting things in place... and then I did one stupid thing, which was to forget that a certain array was only defined to level 5, and I got to level 6... what wasn't yet implemented was to 'wrap' levels around as necessary. On unix, that would give either a segmentation fault or bus error, depending on where the improperly accessed memory happened to be. It took win2k down completely, other than an 1/8th second of sound repeating over and over (and over and over, quite loudly). No mouse movement, no keyboard response.

And I'd been having trouble with the compiler I use... sometimes it just wouldn't work. So now, after reboot, it just doesn't work. Crashes.

I never really found a "fix". Just at one point (not after a reboot, which is even stranger... I hadn't rebooted since trying to get it to work), a few hours (or maybe even days) after my last reboot... it started to work.

So now what?

Now, perhaps, I give in and play... Master of Orion 3.

There are worse things in life. :/

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