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The gentle goodness of Human Nature?

I found some statistics that surprised the hell out of me. I somewhat suspected them, but not as strongly as such, and only in a "potential" sort of way.

In specific, I'm referring to the votes on poemranker, so if you're tired of hearing about the site, you might not want to read further, but I find this immensely interesting.

I set a scale from 0-10 inclusive, 10 being stunningly good, 0 being horrificly bad.

The site has received a little over a thousand votes. Not a huge amount, but statistically worth looking at. Graphically, you can see the results at http://poemranker.com/site-stats.jsp

There is a gentle bell curve, centered between 6 and 7. Already, people are voting higher on average than average. ;)

But above that there are three anomalies.

The first, smallest, is that the rank "0" goes outside the bell curve with a slight spike. It is perhaps double the size it ought to be, at half a percent or so.

Going up the scale, there is a spike at 6 -- five times what it ought to be. People like "6" as an "average" -- it's "your poem wasn't horrible and while it wasn't great, it was okay."

Above that is a spike at 10 -- triple what it ought to be, the second highest voted score, which being near the trailing end of a bell curve is rather amazing. If someone's trying to choose between an 8, a 9, or a 10... it's likely they're going to give it a 10... because if they had to choose it was probably worth it, and gee, isn't it nice to give something a 10?

Okay. Just had to put that out. :)

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