quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

a new community

shall be formed. soon. I'm looking for input on how it should work.

I've put no info there, but I've reserved the name: 100sketches

In the vein of 100poems and 100stories.

I think I want more rules, or ... simply to be stricter about stuff, than 100poems. like, no falling behind by more than ... a week? "winners" will be commemorated in the "about". images must be smaller than... 100k? 200k? all images larger than 50k must be behind an lj-cut? sketches may be of anything, must belong to you, continue to belong to you, should have been done for the contest (don't post old sketches). The idea is to get better at drawing. Preferably realism or surrealism (else what are you practicing?) [[is that necessary??]]

Is anyone out there interested in joining? If so, what would _you_ like it to be?

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