quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

opengl texture help???

I'm trying ye olde tetris in opengl, with glut.

I have big plans, but first there are amazingly big obstacles.

I have the basic gameplay fine, but I want to do some "demo" effects in the background (for starters).

So I made a texture (in code), and wrote to it... and that seems fine... and I can even, sometimes, display it... I'm copying some lame "blurring" code that seems to work all right, but it's not working at all when I try to chop it into my own code. At this point, I've been up 30 hours and I'm completely lost. If anyone would be willing to look through my hellcode, I'd really appreciate it.

I don't much even care what effect I get. I just want to be able to see something written to the texture, and _stay_ there for a couple dozen frames. preferably fading out in a really pretty manner, but...

I probably should have stepped through the billion tutorials, but I was doing so well up until here. And I have stepped through a couple of million. Just not hitting the right ones, or. Or or or.


code -- http://erif.org/temp/fallingup.c

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