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it's 6am, do you know where your z's are?

I'm just sleep depped to all hell. I've got my old tetris program running smoothly now in OpenGL [[with glut]] (if, well, no, bits of it are certainly not production quality). I need to get the winking crooked smiley face back in, and I need to get trippy backgrounds back in, and then I need to make the backgrounds much better than they used to be, and then I need ... need ... who am I and what am I doing with this keyboard? umm. :readsfurtherup: Oh, right, then the whole point of doing it in opengl (well, one of them), I need to do some transformations on the 'tetris blocks' plane. Unfortunately, I don't think I left myself as much room as I kinda needed to do what I meant to. Which means I need to resize things. Which means. Which means. Huh. This is awkward.

Then I need to do a "top scores" list, probably do the text cleaner (antialiased? or actual stroked text? AND antialiased? hmm.... hmm.)

and then I've got ideas, ideas, ideas, for a non-traditional tetris mode. :) that I haven't seen before, so maybe other people haven't seen them either.

and then... what? where? what, really? I can't remember. Again. Hmm. An installation program would be good. Or something. I really need to get the special effects going on in the background. Unfortunately, the cleanest way I'm seeing to do _those_ is with a power of two texture... so then rendering the falling block to that, and then mapping it back to the "whole" of the screen, somehow, ... in ... umm ... orthographic mode, I think it would have to be... can you STREEEEEEEEETCH a texture to fit a quad? almost certainly, right? Hmm.

Maybe I'm having ideas. Maybe. Though, back to... yeah, getting the falling block to mesh with the projection projection. oy. I think it's simple math (I mean, it's just matrices, right?) but I'm sure I'd mess it up. And I don't know how fast it could be trying to do it myself. But I'm not getting how to get the toolkit to do it. argh?

Maybe I should just play with some other ideas for a while. But... but but but.


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Dec. 20th, 2003 11:06 am (UTC)
Hey - I got an idea.

Take a nap.
Dec. 20th, 2003 11:09 am (UTC)
nah. Time to go into the city and pick up my motorcycle. :)

That sounds far stupider than I thought it would. But "chores" must be done. ((including paying for some repairs that hadn't been part of the original estimate :/))

Sent of letters with pleas for open gl help. Perhaps someone will answer in the hours I'm off. And then... house cleaning. And then Amy gets home. Hopefully not before I manage to do some cleaning. La.
Dec. 20th, 2003 06:10 pm (UTC)
busy day, to be sure. I bet you're happy to get the bike, and Amy back (I've not ridden mine in a year! The bike, I don't have an Amy).

Btw, I think you can claim any thing that isn't covered on your taxes (don't know if you itemize).
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