quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

The odd update

I just bowed out of my third attempt through 100poems. I made it the first time, but I think also I made greatest strides the first time. Just writing and writing did me more good then than it does now. I think if I'd really forced myself through that, things might have gotten worse. Meanwhile, I _did_ manage to write a novel in nanowrimo, so I'm proud of that, and I think that _did_ do more good than harm. I've, amazingly enough, written _worse_. Meanwhile meanwhile, I've decided to go with lcc as my compiler (for a while, at least), and glut on top of opengl for my main toolkit. I'm considering openal for audio, but I'm not sure how mature that is, whether the header files and libs are such that they can be used through lcc, etc.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile, I actually had a meeting with el bosso that didn't leave me wanting to slit my jugulars and spray vitriol all over the office. He asked me what the interface between one system and another was, "conceptual functionally", with something we're developing. And I told him, and he appeared to listen (appearing being more than he normally bothers), I answered his questions quickly and succinctly, and that was that (well, I wrote the whole thing up on butcher paper on the wall, too, so when he forgets in ten minutes, I can just point him to that, again and again).

Finished wrapping Amy's presents (Alanna graciously lent me some snowman paper for one of the packages when I ran out of the paper I'd brought), and I'm going to drop them in her car and get lunch with her around 11:30.

Tonight? Tonight she's going down to coalinga, and I'm going to try to write an opengl tetris clone.

Day, don't fail me now!

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