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I'm ignoring the pending holidays as best as possible. Totally not ready for them. Hell, I wasn't ready for my birthday, and really, I'm still not, even with it over (need to send out thankyou cards. la.)

I've not managed to change the earth's orbit yet. In case you were wondering. I don't think I'm particularly trying to, but niyama asked, so. There it is. :)

Not really sure what's up with me right now. Tired, feel like I'm on the verge of tears for no reason whatsoever. Tired. Slept a lot this weekend. Tired.

I'm planning on painting, soon. Soon. As soon as it stops raining. or something. Having a minishow tonight. Pieces priced to sell, but they probably won't anyway. http://www.vivandamovie.com/

I *REALLY* want to write a game. (well, I have 8 or 9 spec'd out). So... I think that's the fire under my butt at the moment. That's happened several times and I've never gotten enough momentum going so I haven't done it yet. But maybe this time's the charm. If you're interested, my last attempt at a game is over under http://erif.org/code/gtris/ [[windows only]]

Alanna (from work) is hopefully going to hook me up with an active game developer for some shooting of the shit (where to start, where to start??). Questions include... what library should I use (probably openGL), but then what on top of that? What compiler (I'd like to get away with LCC. but... dunno). What do I do if I want maximum crossplatformness? Stuff like that. La la la.


Tired. Whiny. Foo.

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