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gerald may not be dead

I got a call today from an interested party (interested in making some money off of me by way of providing gerald with a new front end, and even putting it ON for me!)

The more interesting piece of information (we've actually been in on-again off-again touch) is that he spied some folks trying to make off with my bike! A pair of hoodlums (biker-types, my oh my, one with a pony-tail) with an old truck trying to make off with my bike! They gave up for the moment but they may be back (he was actually calling to see if they'd been there on my behest or not).

Wheels within wheels. I'm reading some fairly intricate politicking in a book and my mind is running in all sorts of multidimensional circles. Frankly, it kinda hurts. I don't like doublethink. La.

I hope everything comes out well in the end. They stole my sideplates. Not necessary to the bike, but they *were* custom painted. Bleah.


Can you put out an APB for a bike that hasn't yet been stolen?

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