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Amy and I have been reading (I've been reading to her) a book loaned to us by her dad, [[Indivisible by Four, about the Guarneri String Quartet]]. So when the KDFC commuter quiz came on giving away a pair of tickets for them a few weeks ago, I fumbled for my phone. And found it, but couldn't remember the phone number or the call letters (which are the last four digits, which may or may not have helped the situation). Five minutes later I passed a billboard for them (102.1), and called... and had had the right answer, ((which animal name came from the indian "to wash" (or something like that) -- Raccoon) but was way past caller (9, I think?). Anyway, we wound up getting tickets ourselves, and having a night of it in the city, which was wonderufl (other than putting off all the little things we're stressing about). The most moving quartet of that evening, for me, was by Sibelius. My untrained ears found it blatantly complex and interesting. So today, the commuter quiz was for a concert at the Davy Symphony hall, playing (among other things unspecified in the radio broadcast) a piece by Sibelius. And I called, and I was caller number 12 (which was good), and I won the tickets. WOOOOOT!!!! [[which woman had been featured on the cover of time magazine most? (Mother Teresa, Madonna, The Virgin Mary) Answer... c.]]

WOOOT! It being just 7am now, I get to see whether this was all of my luck for the week/month, or if it's a sign of things to come. ;) Rooting for the latter.


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Nov. 14th, 2003 08:52 am (UTC)
I can never get through to radio stations.

and all along I resigned myself to thinking it was all fixed! with fake winners! but you aren't fake so...anyway! congratulations!

lucky boy :)
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