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Not quite random

Not bored, really. Not depressed. Vaguely satisfied with things, but eager to do something. la la la.

Making this post is something. Then I'll do something else. Just went 'friends' hopping through a bunch of journals, left a few comments -- curious to see if any of them come back to roost. I don't think I've really said anything interesting lately.

Energies have been going elsewhere. Interesting things come in waves, cycles, like a biorhythm. I wrote another poem yesterday that I'm really proud of (for the moment). It's a love poem... la la la. If you want to see it, it's called "A Moment in Time" on poemranker.com -- yeah, I'm still plugging it as much as I can.

Waiting for the livejournal community interest search to come up so I can post to communities interested in poetry.

I wrote another feature for the site that's kinda cool. Now, if you're logged in, you can leave your name on your comments, and people can then see what other sorts of comments you've left. Which will hopefully get them to look at your poetry, and ... well.... that just gets more usage. Yay, usage. ;) :)


I've been reading a lot of books lately. I think that's where my time has been going. Some of them have been amazing. =) (I highly recommend _Vurt_) La la la.

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