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so I'm hobbling, limping, yadda. I'm at work, and I'm working, and I'm getting stuff done. it's amazing. I'm diving in like I'd not managed before. And I have help coming in (with another project, at least, the one I was hired for but haven't been touching)--she starts tomorrow, and... at lunch I have some pleasantly spicy salsa which clears my sinuses. and I get back to work, where all pathogens float about in their idyllic pathogen lives, and I'm getting worse and worse, but swear it has to be allergies (because all allergies come alive, there)... and I leave for writing, and finish my book, which had a somewhat lame ending, and start writing at the cafe, and people show, and that's good, but my sinuses are getting worse and worse, and still my heel is killing me (bruised or something), and my whole right foot feels weird, and... yeah, stuff. so I eventually bail and start walking home and amy gives me a ride, which was cool (we met with perfect timing at the location I designated, 10-15 minutes away from when I stated... she was driving and slowed as I, walking, kept walking and opened the door. perfect timing. and she brought me nyquil and I suspect that has to be doing something. oh, and the bike estimate finally came in: $2300. so I need to deal with insurance and whatnot (and either start the bike being fixed, or drive it out of there, as it's going to be a $20/day charge for storage elsewise, on top of the nonrefundable $65 for the estimate)... have to see what insurance will cover. see if I'll continue to have a bike, sell a damaged bike, sell a repaired bike, sell a partially repaired bike, ... so I get home, and check email before going to bed (and doing my 100poems, I'm on day 30... it's a pretty sad whine, today, essentially from the above)


I have a query.

someone wants to buy sunset waterlilies, face value. SWEET. My first sale. Well, it's not done yet. But my fate doesn't tend to yank this sort of thing from under my feet. I'll call it even for the sickness. Or something. $400 would pay for the $175 wine + cheese party, and... well, not much else, considering the $100 copay on going to the hospital, and the $2300 for the bike. but.

this still manages to make me feel good. (though some of that must be the nyquil)

la. ? :)

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