quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


not much to say.

"wasted" most of yesterday redesigning the front-end of NFG (http://nfg.ca)

last night was a trepidatious marathon of screwing pairs of little eyehooks onto 19 paintings, wrapping wire taut around that for standard backing, measuring out and attaching fishline to a previously designed layout for MY ART SHOW. 7 hours setup last night. 1 hour it took me to put everything up. was overly cautious with how much space I had, so there's some... odd space. and overly cautious with amount of materials for hanging I bought... but it's all good. good good, good golly.

anyone that can make it, I'm having a wine and cheese soiree Oct 12th, 3pmish. bring money for coffee, as we're going to hit gaylord's en masse. =)

anyone that can't make the 12th, I'm thinking of a smaller thing on the 19th. just so nobody's left out. ;) :)

hell, they're up all month. just drop by and tell me what you think! hell, tell *them* what you think.


soooooo tired. 7:40 am. time to go to work. absurdly ... well, awake for this tired. that's going to fade. now. to. change clothes. go to work.


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