quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I'm having an art show! =)

Gaylord's is *MINE* for the month of October. Russell (owner-dude) came over at 8(30) and picked out from my smorgasbord what he'd like to see hanging. Now I have to hang everything at 6am on the 1st. [[so tired; swept, mopped, straightened, moved everything into the livingroom including an extra halogen, ... okay, not so much, really, but still exhausted. emotionally? sure, why not.]]

I'm thinking of having a (wine and cheese: amy's idea) art opening, unofficial-like, some time in the middle of the "show". On a Sunday. So if you've got a preference... 12th, 19th, or 26th...

I'm leaning towards the 12th because it's closer to the middle (well, closer to the beginning), and stuff won't be so roughed up as (I'm imagining) it might be towards the end.

Now I have to... figure out how to hang things, get things to hang them with, lay out where I'm hanging everything [[measure the place out, examine how the pieces currently hanging are doing so]], PRICE things... come up with gimmicks... ((print out business cards?)) ... ... ... ...


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