quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

I was going to be all cool...

and wasted four hours or so trying to parse html cleanly to auto-niftify webpages with some randomness passed on via pbrane (in this post). like all those "jive" and "bork" (swedish chef), etc... "translators" do.

I kept hopping between java and perl, not really happy with either for the task.

Found lots of nifty libraries that were all a bit too confusing.

and such.



it doesn't work very well. images/stylesheets/hrefs/links don't get rerouted back to the appropriate place. and it doesn't know to ignore text between script tags. and ... it has some other issues.

but it's kinda fun on very simple sites. preferably lots of text and no images. ;) and no javascript. and such.

it's really a shame I spent so much time on so little code, but I kept looking for better ways to do it. found some nice perl utils but couldn't then quite get into the string manipulation to randomly move letters around... found java html parsing libraries, but... I think I'm just too tired now to understand them. and carpal's been tunneling deep into my wrists for a bit. really. I shouldn't be up. I just wanted to accomplish something tonight. had plenty of plans to work on skwerms. and ... didn't. :/

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