quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

3 in 1

Three posts in one day? Am I mad? Am I back?


Such it is.

Xcolibur is interesting (new livejournal skin). Goodbye dystopia. I never really knew you (well, I didn't know you were called dystopia. A misnomer, I think. But... okay, now XColibur is... stark. plain. cool. collected. repeat.)

Such it is.

I'm tired. Bed will happen soon.

But I printed out my http://erif.org/art/ page as a "bio" and printed out four of my paintings on a separate sheet and stapled those both to my "artist's application" for gaylords... and walked down there and turned it in. WHOOHOO. Yay me. now I can just hope for a show. :)

I ran an errand in the city during lunch. To the wrong address. That kinda sucked, but it worked out in the end: a chain of last-minute-saves came together and got me to the right place with the right materials to deliver something that could be very important for NFG.

And I did laundry. I need to go pick up the second load. :whee:

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