quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

selling out

nothing's worse than someone who tries to sell out and fails. [[just accept this for the sake of further argument, please]] (screams: Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!)


I'm all mixed up.

Managed to hack in some functionality to poemranker that I don't know how I overlooked the first time around. [[best, worst, and recent now filter by 'style']]

Drove up to sacramento for an hour to gift my folks before they head off to burning man. Wound up sunburned on my hands and my right leg. (both the ride there and the ride back were rather hellish, traffic-wise, but the way back was worse... I'm guessing the sun was just on that side of me longer). I should have stopped and thought, but it was SUCH a nice (hot) day out, I rode without my gloves and with cutoff sweats. oops. [[rubs more aloe on]]

skwerms.org hasn't gotten as much of my attention as I would like (do I even have to say that about anything at this point???) and it hasn't gotten as much attention from other people as I would like (ditto). [[which is understandable, really. there's not much functionality there, and word simply hasn't spread (hey, yahoo! need another pick of the day?) [[[[or should I just work on fractalranker?]]]]

painting felt good. I did a lot of painting in lieu of going to burning man. not going to burning man means I'll be home for Amy's birthday. I hope that's everything she hopes it will be.

I have an ARTIST APPLICATION for Gaylord's coffeshop. I need to fill it out. I'm stumped on "Please tell us a little about yourself an your art". [[Uh, yeah. I'm a software developer, and I suck. Please share my suckage with your clientelle, because I need to get better, so I need to sell something to get more supplies. I need a vicious cycle.]]

Damn, I don't want tomorrow to be Monday. I so don't want to go to work. I don't know how I feel about that. :/ I do like a fair number of the folks there, and the place is growing on me. But there's some poison growing too.

Too busy, overwhelmed, to put all my organizational stuff into skwerms. That's bad. I need to make it easier to put stuff into it (thinking via email, since that's where most of my tasks come into being, and where I've been storing them until now).

I should be worrying about school, taking classes, getting into that mindset. I've probably missed whatever deadline. Part of me hopes so. Enough that I'm not going to look now. Maybe next semester. I'll have my schedule figured out better? We'll have our budget figured out better?

Too busy. But life is good.

I'm so in love with Amy. =)

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