quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random


since last post, I've been mostly happy. problems went away, or were ignored to the betterment of all moods.

Some rockiness last weekend. Which will have to be revisited at a later date. That will continue to suck, but such are things. Beyond the things that suck, life is good. Good is good. I am happy. Mostly. Must keep track of the mostly. The happy.

I painted some, but no pictures to put up. I'm overall very happy with what I've painted, a little weirded out. Trying different things, more normal things... I don't know.

My computer's video card died. That sucks--it was only a year old. But... c'est la vie.

My server is also having troubles... psotgresql database slightly corrupted, and the server's crashing DEAD (with nothing in the logs to reveal why) every so often (like, weekly). That's very bad. I think it may be overloaded disk access, because it appears to mostly die when backing up nfg. ((which happens nightly, but...?))

So I'm looking into getting a new one. Need to bug people for donations.

Meanwhile, http://skwerms.org, my online (free) todo list site... is... barely functional. but functional it is. try it out! =)

and sorry for not being around much. really. :/

earthemp6--I got your postcard (a while ago) and it brightened my day considerably. I still have it on my desk (or nearby), and I'll send one back to you when I come across one worth sending. :)

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