quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

things to do

my todo-list site is falling behind on my list of things to do. it must needs be done. why isn't it? hangups.

change name: I need to decide on whether I'm going to have a middle name or not. current contenders include: i, idiom, idiomorphic, imago, incantation, indium, inkblot, is, ish, intuit. or no middle name legally, and whatever I feel like in practice. What would it mean to lose my middle name? [really, I'm losing my 'last' name, but I'd be losing the "having" of a middle name] a source of fear?

change banks; jumping from wells fargo to the cheaper and friendlier washingron mutual. also jumping from separate to joint accounts with amy. a source of fear?

I need to call my motorcycle insurance folks and argue with them about the renewal they just sent me. my rates should not be going up, they should be going way down (turned 25, several points expiring, ...) a source of fear?

I need to send my resume to some folks. A source of fear? I need to redo it and then send it. Maybe I can do that now. Then it will be done.

always things to be done with nfg and poemranker.

I need to get in touch with a relationship counselor for either myself or myself and amy. a very large source of fear.

I'm not afraid of the future. I'm afraid of the past that hasn't yet happened. [it's not the height that scares me, it's hitting the ground?]

I'm overwhelmed by things to do. I can't get them straight. I'm sure to be missing important ones. Hence the desire to do the todo list site. maybe now? so many maybe nows, really. resume, then skwerms. okay. I can do that. It is, at least, possible. Will I? I'll try to try.

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