quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

no time, no time to post, must sleep

so I'll keep this brief. but wanted to remember it, later.

Today, I meant to *finish* skwerms.org. I've sent this exact text to a few people, but this is the best place to remember it:

trying to work on http://skwerms.org

I *was* going to have it done tonight. or so I'd really convinced myself. Between being at work 2 hours extra, an hour and a bit of that being a very unpleasant meeting, shittier-than-usual traffic home because of when I wound up leaving work [and it's usually pretty bad], vague tiredness, heat that an AC isn't dealing with, the dsl downtime (which always drains me, mentally and emotionally), ...

I'm still creating the "user" class. I hate making user classes.

pesky fucking users.

Although I think I've picked what info is going in this user class, and what not, to start with.

really, REALLY wanting something simple I can put data into tonight before I go to bed, and use for a few weeks. It's not going to be functionally complete, but it's going to be something. dammit.


and I really hope I don't have to scrap this first approach, later.

starting to actually like the colors, though. :)

Nope. I'm going to bed now. It's only midnight, but that's my schedule these days. To bed at about 10pm, up at 6-7. They're not restful hours for me. But they work.

I don't have a user class together, let alone joining/editing info. I'm blocking at the "send me my password" (well, really, "send me my validation code so I can join" stage. I decided I wanted to be anal about validating email addresses. I have code that does it, but it's taking lots of adapting, bringing it up to what I consider my current coding standards to be.

In other news, rockmage.com is coming along splendiferously. Go check it out, do! :) Max is putting his art up, and I don't have to do any work on it. ;) Though I'm having ideas on how to make it more user-enticing. They'll come later.

And... hmm. tired.

NFG got a distributor in canada for issue 3! A real one! They want 600 issues for about 100 stores!


Hoping to wake up in the morning and make more progress. Might go into work to do it there, just to really have a pleasant ride in. Must remember sammich. And dishes. I was going to wash dishes today. :/

In the process of selling off my burning man tickets. =(

that's all I can think of, at the moment. too tired. and disappointed.

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