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Flyered some more yesterday. Put five copies in a bookshop in san francisco; presumably on consignment, but no talk of such business things. We'll see. Dude there seemed amazingly happy to show us, and looked like he was going to put us on the main counter (with nothing else there).

Megatokyo advertising starting running today. I woke up like christmas, ran into the workroom and saw TONS of blinkenlights. Checked DSL traffic, couldn't believe my eyes, and then REALLY couldn't believe my eyes--all that traffic was going to a machine that wasn't "mine". It was ungodly large (for what my line usually gets), and had NOTHING to do with my advertising.

So far 434 eyeballs (presumed) from Megatokyo.com. Not bad. Curious to see how it goes. Less than I was hoping for (yeah, the ad's only been up for a couple hours), but... two more days to go (and change). Hmm. People are waking up. Traffic might be picking up. Hmm.

Need to talk to sweetpea about the possibility of tentacle.net being hacked. That traffic's just not "right".

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