quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

trying to be positive

I'm tired and not in the best environment (keep (mis?)reading amy's expressions as annoyance or worry or some other thing going wrong with our relationship). Trying to be happy. Think happy thoughts. :whee:

So... busy, somewhat (as in, a productive busy of sorts... as opposed to simply having all my time sucked away by nothing). :) Designed a flyer for NFG, added some features to the staff-side of things, added table of contents information, and quotes from issue 1 and issue 2. Worked on some back-end stuff with my suggestion board on rockmage.com, will slowly port that out to other sites. Maybe I can get something going in java to compete with phpbb. There certainly needs to be SOME other option. :) Also did some color/layout tweaks on rockmage.com, and I think it's starting to get the right feel.

What else?

Hmm. I went out, got 20 color copies of the flyer made, made (well, 21 I guess... er no, 22 counting one this morning) and put up... 1 in san francisco in the employee's room of Peet's Coffee, then 9 up in various stores up and down a prominent avenue near my house. (copy shops, coffee shops (employee rooms, bathrooms, out front), a health spa, a game shop, and... not sure where else, really))

I went out with a copy of issue 1 and issue 2, and had the guy at the counter of the spa buy issue 1 off of me while I was putting up the flyer. He said his girlfriend did poetry and fiction and whatnot, and he wanted to send it to her. I gave him a copy of issue 2 also (because it looks and feels better), so who knows.

Hopefully we'll see some boost in subscriptions or orders from that.


Tomorrow I poster some shops in san francisco on my lunch break. :)

tomorrow night, midnight-ish, begins some advertising on megatokyo.com -- so we're hoping to see at least three year-long subscriptions bought out of that. More means a profit (I spent $45, I think). If we get twenty, I'll be ecstatic. I'm expecting on the order of 30,000 hits. Could be 200,000. Could be none. Who knows? The second through the fourth. :crosses fingers:

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