quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

time exists all too much

I see it flowing by but feel powerless to stop it.

I read livejournal entries once or twice a day, and after all that, and the occassional reply, tend to be too tired to say anything myself. Lately. I'm working. Work is... work. http://timbuk2.com Posting or talking about unpleasant or dull (or whatever) stuff makes me have to relive it. That sucks (kinda; the flipside's nice, and it helps my descriptive abilities regardless). So that's another factor in not posting anything. I'm too BUSY to want to talk about how busy I've been. Especially with no big items to be proud of at the moment.

Working on NFG (reading/voting, and front-end visuals some, and I enabled cookies for logging in... stuff). And working on Globealive.com. Not enough, though. These things come in cycles. Working on Rockmage.com. But I was sick for a day and a half or so (a little more? a little less?) Really out of it. Zombie'd through work, passed out at home (tried to; more zombified observing the passage of time in a drug-addled mind (without being on anything)). Trying to teach amy's brother c; he's a busy kid, but I'm sending him a book to do lessons out of. We will write games, some day. Perhaps. Or I will (I hope). We have several ideas. If they do well, I'll probably even hire out some graphic designers. Studying calc with Amy and teaching her vim and java... has gone by the wayside (temporarily?). And. That's all I can think of at the moment. Back to some grind or another.

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