quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

nothing has been happening?

Healing, I suppose. Spending copious (and wonderful) amounts of time with Amy. Working on poemranker.com some more. :) It's getting sniftier and sniftier with Mark's help (with ideas).

My road rash has all scabbed up and some of it is even beginning to flake off. It's all burning itching, and I'm picking at it. Sometimes a little too much, and the most beautiful toxicly bright blood pours out. Then I have to find something to mop it up with before it gets all over the place. Definitely a staining agent. I wonder if it could be used to dye hair...

Growing my eyebrow back in. I didn't like the "black eye" effect it gave me.

Caught up on imaginaries.org administration some. That was good.

Caught up on my own site, some, too -- tracked down a bunch of stories I'd written but not posted. I've written a lot more than I noticed. Really need to get off my ass and submit some more of my stories to places. La la la.

Trying to write a story or three at the moment. No poetry has happened to me, though I kinda want it to. Haven't tried to force anything. No painting's happened either. What's happening? Spending all my energy healing... la la la.

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