quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today's antics

I'm still awake. I painted some, for the first time in almost a year (or maybe more than a year, I haven't really been paying attention...) Wondering if I should sign them while the paint's wet. I suppose I have a few days to decide (I love oil!). One of them is probably just going to be a backdrop to something, but people are seeming to like it, so maybe not. Who knows? http://erif.org/art/ -- new are "Cliff River [2]", "Concentric Colors", and "Sunset Waterlilies". CC and SW are both slightly bigger than the size I'm used to painting, and I think I like it. I think I'd *REALLY* like to paint bigger, but that will require a lot more money, and somewhere to put stuff.

And -=Dark_Angel=- on poemranker totally made my day. He recorded a hilarious reading of one of my poems. Or maybe it's just me, because I know the poem, or some combination of that and sleep dep, or... but anyway, unless he moves it (and I've got a copy if he does): http://darkangel.illfuckinghostit.com/bumwagon.html -- this is for http://poemranker.com/poem-details.jsp?id=40804

[warning: not "work/family friendly"]

and no, it's not the greatest poem. But that's okay.

Oh, and I wrote a poem. It's not great either, but I find it interesting. So there. ;) http://poemranker.com/poem-details.jsp?id=51468

sometimes it's good to be delirious. More coffee?

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