quasi random (kaolinfire) wrote,
quasi random

today and yesterday and yesterday; tomorrow?

Hmm. After-party blues calmed, some. Hung out with Richard for a splash of afternoon; had tea, talked, had ideas, talked, exchanged ideas, talked. Came home, and was unpleasant again, if I remember correctly. That might be in the previous thinger.

That was monday. Today is tuesday. It seems like more has passed, though that explains how I've been rather actively doing stuff and not gotten so much done. But. What I have gotten done: automated my dad's animal patterns so that he can essentially drop more in whenever/however he likes without writing lots more html. http://rockmage.com/ (see "animal patterns").

To do that... well. I woke up this morning (at ~2pm, after a horrible dream about some "live capture the flag commando/starcraft" variant of Risk... where George W. Bush somehow snuck behind my defenses and forced an "alliance" against the rest. This just really, really sucked. I woke up in a bad mood. Then I had to deal with lots of poemranker nastiness (which sorted itself out, eventually, thankfully). and... read and answered some email (note: I'm up to 866 [!?] messages I ... intend to reply to or act on).

right. so. I've got this buttload of directories and files that just don't QUITE correspond to eachother, but I've figured out a pattern easily enough to move and rename things... the pattern's easier than I'd originally feared, being that I didn't actually have to look in the html to figure out what goes to what (this *should* have been the moment of eureka, but it wasn't).

Renaming all the files on the commandline is taking forever. Using winscp isn't much better. So I start picking through the freebsd x11-fm (file manager) ports section. vifm is pretty fucking cool. needs work, but it's only at version 0.2, so... meh. I'll definitely be using it in the future. Several other packages I installed just sucked. xfm, I think, was the closest to usable (I used it for 30 minutes or so), but it just wasn't there. It was clunky, took too many clicks/confirms/whatnot to do things...

and that's where I am when everyone arrives home from the airport: Amy's (and mine, "now" (as in when we're married, but... she likes the title)) Aunt Nancy flew in from Indiana. She seems fun. New agey ish. Right. So they arrived with her, we went out for sushi dinner, and then I came home to work some more and they went shopping and then came home, then folks went to bed and I worked some more.

It's really nice to be able to focus on a single project with a simple "right" answer. Especially when the right answer you eventually come up with takes far less time than you'd originally feared. (I managed to automate the update). I had the eureka moment, spent 30 minutes writing a perl script [with the perl cookbook helping] to move all the files where I wanted, renaming the directories as necessary, really streamlining everything... it's nice. :)

And that's the way the cookie crumbles. (saw Bruce Almighty a week ago or so. It was (very?) good for what it was, but I wasn't all that into it. However, it seems to have had several memes I'm now (temporarily, I think) infected with.

[6 hours later... nobody's awake yet, though people kept waking up in the night to go to the bathroom. seriously. amazing. I've gotten my inbox down from dangerously close to 900 message s to 76. only actually wrote 35. saved a lot to various boxes. some to deal with "whenever", some just for archival purposes. Also did a fair amount of work (added two poem types to poemranker, updated imaginaries a little, added a stats page to nfg: http://nfg.ca/info/stats.jsp !!!)]

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